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Body Socks is an Australian manufacturer of sensory products that are ideal for children and adults with autism, anxiety or sensory processing disorders who crave sensory input, particularly proprioceptive and vestibular input.

Body Socks Lycra Bed Socks

Therapeutic uses for Bed Socks include Self-Regulation and Body Awareness. Bed Socks can be beneficial for Sleep and Behaviour.

Lycra Bed Socks are the perfect calming, sensory tool to help individuals providing deep pressure input that helps to calm an over stimulated nervous system. Body Socks Lycra Bed Socks slip over the mattress and is open ended. The lycra bed socks are manufactured in Australia from a breathable see through lycra which feels soft and comfortable. 

Bed socks are particularly uses full for anyone with sleep issues.

The bed sheet works by providing sensory input even when asleep.  As the user moves around in the bed the fabric provides gentle pressure against the skin and joints creating a calming effect over the body encouraging a more restful sleep. Each sock is open ended so that the user is able to move freely through the bed sock. When first entering the bed sock it can be helpful to regulate the body with a small amount of movement to provide sensory input. (wiggle toes, gently lift the legs)




Restless Sleepers


Sensory Processing Disorders


Bed Socks

Single Bed Sock – suitable for a single bed

King Single Bed Sock – suitable for a king single bed

Double Bed Sock – suitable for a double bed

Queen Bed Sock – suitable for a queen bed

King Bed Sock - suitable for a King bed


Instructions for use

Our products are made from quality Lycra. Each Bed Sock is created with only 1 seam to make sure the strength integrity of the sheet is maintained. When placing the Bed sock on the bed, make sure that the Seam is placed under the mattress in the middle. We recommend the user has full mobility and product is provided under instruction from an adult or carer. 

Washing Instructions:

    When washing your Body Sock we recommend no harsh chemicals this includes bleach or any chemical that will reduce the quality of the fabric. Please make sure the body sock is not placed in the same wash as velcro. The use of a delicates bag is recommended.  Please use a low heat drying cycle if using a dryer.

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