Body Socks Product Sheet

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Therapeutic uses for Body Socks includes Self-Regulation and Body Awareness. Body Socks are a fun way for children to work on a variety of skills while in occupational therapy. It is an enjoyable and entertaining tool for them to use, and they won’t even know they are working!

Sensory Body Socks are a fun and a different way to get this input. Sensory Body Socks are very stretchy and provide resistance when you move in them. This provides deep pressure through the joints (proprioceptive input) and when you move around in different ways, this provides the vestibular input (balance and movement in space).

Body Socks are suitable for home, specialist clinics or school based sensory programs and are light weight making them ideal to take on family holidays.


Instructions (please read before use)

When using the Body Sock it is important to remember that adult or carer supervision is recommended. Each Body sock has a black opening in the front of the Body Sock. To use correctly use you must have this opening vertical when you are standing. The body sock will then be able to add gentle pressure to the body as hands and feet are placed in the corners of the body sock and the user moves around. For Sensory Processing when asleep why not look at our Lycra Bed Sock.

Soft surfaces will ensure the longevity of your Body Sock. Whilst our products are made to last, it is important to remember that excessive force will lower the effectiveness of the product.

Please make sure the size of the Body Sock is correct for the user as incorrect size can affect the strength and integrity of the product.. Please see FAQ’s for refund policy.


Product Care:

Our products are made from quality Lycra and tested for quality assurance before it sent to you. Each Body Sock is sewn with a whole that is reinforced to provide vision a free movement. 

Washing Instructions:

    When washing your Body Sock we recommend no harsh chemicals this includes Bleach or any chemical that will reduce the quality of the fabric. Please make sure the body sock is not placed in the same wash as velcro. A delicates bag is recommended when washing. Please use a low heat drying cycle if using a dryer.